Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Building our own SIPs house. Part 04

Sept 10, 2004

The slab has been poured. The forms have been removed, and the post-tension engineers have pulled the embedded cables to the required tension.

Two tractor trailors have arrived and have been unloading the SIPs panels. As you can imagine, I have panels stacked everywhere on the lot. I had to rent a forklift to unload the panels, but I did know in advance so I was prepared. The panels are all numbered for each wall and panel number on that wall. The panel company, Premier Building Systems, took my blueprints and laid out the panel sequence on them.

We spent the next three weeks bolting down all the sill plates. I realized we made an error on the front door slab. We had to rent a concrete saw to cut down about 6" of concrete for the sill plate to be in the right spot.

Things are really going slow right now. I am a school. teacher, so we are only able to work on the house some in the afternoons and on the weekends.


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